THE Christmas Tree Farm was start in the Spring of 1992 when we planted 2,200 trees on our 10 acre property.  We planted Scotch Pine and White Pine. It took 6 years before those trees were big enough to harvest. We also planted more trees every year and include Fraser Fir and Concolor Fir. In 1998 we were officially open for business.

We now have approximately 4,000 trees and plant replacement trees every year. 

THE Christmas Tree  Farm is open for pre-tagging on October 1st.  The Tags are in the Mailbox by the Shop Door.  There is a Sharpie pen attached to the mailbox for you to
write your name on the top and bottom of the tree tag  that you select from the box.
Tear off the bottom half of the tree tag and leave it in the mailbox and put the tag and 3 colored ribbons that are attached to the tag on the tree you select. There is also a small piece of the ribbon for you to put in your wallet so you know what color ribbon to look for when you come back after Thanksgiving to harvest your tree.

We don't need to be here for you to pre-tag your tree and you don't pay until you pick up your tree.

Price List

Customers are responsible for securing the tree to their vehicle.